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What is Hotline Property for?

Hotline UAE Property portal is a single online meeting place for Real Estate professionals and perspective property owners or renters.

Which locations and countries are covered?

So far only United Arab Emirates are covered, but virtually we are not limited by geographical locations.

Who is the Agent?

Registered Agent is the Real Estate professional, operating within the United Arab Emirates. Please pay special attention to Agent licensing details on the agents page. For example - In the Emirate of Dubai every Real Estate Agent must be registered with RERA and have RERA ID. It may be different for the Agents in other Emirates.

Who is the Landlord?

Landlord is the entity or person owning listed property. Usually for the apartment’s renter that means that 5% commission is not supposed to be paid.

Agents and Landlords

Is registration on the portal free for the Landlords and Agents?

Yes, the registration is free, thought the Registered Agents to provide valid RERA identification in order to be activated. This rule is valid for Emirate of Dubai only.

Will my registration expire and should I renew it from time to time?

Hotline Property portal will not remove any registrations for the registered Property Agents and Landlords as far as they login to the system at least once in 6 months.

Should I pay for renewing the registration?


I want to upgrade my property listing to featured, what should I do?

There is a small one-time online fee involved in order for the property to be upgraded to featured. Once done, listed property will be automatically pushed to the top of the lists and appear in the search results more frequently.

How many properties I can list?

The number of allowed properties to be listed is not limited.

What should I do if there is no appropriate category or location listed on the Hotline Property Portal?

Please contact us via provided contact form and we will revert as soon as it would be possible.

I am Real Estate Professional operating in other country. Can I list my properties with Hotline Portal?

Indeed, you are welcome, thought please do contact us before listing any properties in order to provide needed amendments to the interface.

How long my property listings are valid in Hotline Portal?

The Portal system will automatically remove all: "For rent" and "For lease" listings older than 3 months if they are not deleted by Agent or Landlord "For sale" listings order than 6 months if they are not deleted by Agent or Landlord.

Can everyone become a Real Estate Agent in Hotline Property Portal?

Everyone can become an agent as far as they are registered and provide valid registration identification (for Emirate if Dubai RERA identification provision is needed). Please follow this link for the licensing types – “RERA Licenses” for more information on requirements.

Is there any cost for listing the properties?

So far there are no costs involved to list the property in Hotline Portal as a part of ongoing start-up promotion.

Legal and Support

Who is in-charge for the property listing authenticity on Hotline Property Portal?

Validity of provided property information is sole responsibility of the Agents and Landlords. Hotline Property does not hold any responsibility for the authenticity of the information listed. Please refer to F.A.Q. for selling, buying and renting properties in United Arab Emirates.

Can my listed property be removed from Hotline UAE Portal?

Hotline UAE Portal Administration reserves the right to remove any listings or agent registration immediately and without any clarifications and explanations. Usually that means that "Terms and Conditions" of portal usage were seriously violated.

Who is providing and supporting Hotline Property Portal? Portal is designed and supported by InTouch FZE, registered Information Technology Solutions company. The Portal includes different online services and Property is only one of them. InTouch FZE is not involved in Real Estate Business.

  Where can I read about usage terms of Hotline Property Portal more?

"Terms and Conditions".  

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